Who We Are

Oakland Unity Middle School is a public charter middle school authorized by the Alameda County Office of Education serving grades 6-8.  The school is developed by school and teacher leaders at Oakland Unity High School (OUHS), in partnership with its parent Oakland-based nonprofit corporation Unity Schools.

The school opened in August 2015 and currently enrolls 150 students. OUMS uses the demonstrably successful model of OUHS as a guiding framework, building from the success and lessons learned from OUHS’ ten years of achievement and service to East Oakland families, with programmatic modifications made to best serve the needs of younger students.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Oakland Unity Middle School to prepare its students for a rigorous high school environment and ultimately admission to and success in college and the career of their choice. OUMS offers a rich curriculum centered on Habits of Heart and Mind that prepares students to successfully meet the University of California A-G requirements in high school. This curriculum has an emphasis on basic skills and core subject matter in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, the arts, and a comprehensive support program that promotes healthy youth development, including preparing the students to apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community and environment.

Our Vision

Oakland Unity Middle School is a school where all students acquire the core skills necessary for academic achievement and, ultimately, for success in today’s global, multicultural and multilingual society. With unwavering high expectations for all stakeholders, OUMS provides a high quality college preparatory middle school option to East Oakland families whose educational program and structured environment will effectively prepare students for success in rigorous high school coursework. Integrated into this educational program will be an ongoing emphasis on the development of life long professional skills and Habits of Heart and Mind that will develop and empower students’ and families’ capacity to support sustained success through higher education, career, and beyond, helping families to recognize and build upon their assets so that they can obtain their future goals. OUMS will balance these ambitious goals by developing and nurturing a valuable school experience that is rich, enjoyable, and memorable.

Recognizing that our students and families have many needs to be met in order to effectively access our educational program, OUMS will provide social/emotional and mental health support, both individually and in small group settings, a nutritional program that couples access to healthy food with a curriculum to support students’ awareness of all aspects of health and nutrition. OUMS aims to become not just a school but also a community center where students and families could receive physical and mental health services and adult education. We want to offer an even more robust selection of afterschool programming to address the need for quality and safe extracurricular opportunities for youth.

At Oakland Unity Middle School

  • We value the “family” feel that comes with being a small school. Our average class size is 20 students. All OUMS staff know your child’s name and take responsibility for his or her success.
  • Our strict rules and structures help to create a safe environment where students can thrive. Frequent communication with families ensures that we can solve problems together.
  • We offer academic tutoring for students daily. In order to help our students be their best academic selves, we also offer social-emotional counseling and a strong Advisory program.
  • We maintain a comprehensive support program provided through a partnership between the school, the families, and the community, assures that students have the support they need to focus on academic growth.
  • We offer learning experiences that allow Unity students to achieve their leadership and academic potential and become creative critical thinkers, compassionate human beings, and effective participants in a multicultural democratic society.
  • Every student is assigned a teacher as an advisor when he/she enters OUMS. For the student’s tenure at OUMS, the teacher/advisor serves as a mentor and advocate for the student and guides him/her toward successful completion of middle school and high school, while encouraging each student to aspire to graduation from a four year college.
  • OUMS’s SHARP Habits of Heart and Mind provide guiding principles for students, and integrate our educational philosophy throughout our curriculum.