OUMS Lottery for 21-22 School Year

Tonight is Oakland Unity Middle School’s Public Lottery for the 21-22 School Year!

The automated lottery will be generated virtually tonight, March 8th, at 5:00pm. The lottery includes all applications submitted by February 5th, 2021. If you would like to attend the virtual lottery to see the results live, click on the ZOOM link sent to your family.

You do not have to be present to be offered a spot at OUMS.

On Thursday, March 11th, all lottery results will be posted in your student’s dashboard on Oakland Enrolls. Families will have until March 25th to accept or decline an offer.  If you do not accept by this date, the charter school lottery offer(s) will expire. Once you accept an offer, offers from other schools will be automatically declined. You can remain on waitlists but may only accept an offer at one school.

If you need help or assistance at any point in the application process, do contact our front office at (510) 564-4851. 

See you tonight at 5:00!

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