OUMS Offers Robust Distance Learning Program

OUMS is proud to offer a robust Distance Learning Program!

When OUMS is in session inside the school building, every student uses a Chromebook every day. OUMS also uses the Summit Personalized Learning Platform. This Platform houses all projects, assessments, and daily assignments. Our students’ and staff’s collective fluency in technology made the transition to Distance Learning immediate and seamless.

On a typical day in Distance Learning, students participate in a morning meeting with their advisory. This is a place where students greet one another and share with one another. It’s a great way for kids to stay connected. Then, students visit the Landing Page and head to their first live class. After live morning classes, students take a lunch and silent reading screen break. Then, students attend the remainder of their live classes–including synchronous Physical Education classes that ensure our students are staying as healthy as possible in these challenging times. Each week, students check in with their mentors in a one-on-one meeting to set academic and social-emotional goals and receive any help or support they need.

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