Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

It is the mission of Oakland Unity Middle School to prepare students for a rigorous high school environment and ultimately admission to and success in college and the career of their choice. OUMS offers a rich curriculum centered on Habits of Heart and Mind that prepares students to successfully meet the University of California A-G requirements in high school. This curriculum has an emphasis on basic skills and core subject matter in English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies and science, the arts, and a comprehensive support program that promotes healthy youth development, including preparing  students to apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community and environment.

Our Vision

Oakland Unity Middle School (OUMS):

  • is a small, safe, and supportive school.  High expectations of all stakeholders create an environment in which students develop academic skills and SHARP habits to succeed in the future.  
  • is committed to dismantling the culture of white supremacy and fighting for inclusion, diversity, access, and justice through our systems, words, reflections, and actions. 
  • staff offer unwavering support and cultivate a nurturing school experience that is enjoyable, engaging, equitable, and empowering.  
  • students courageously apply their knowledge and experience to positively contribute to their community and our world.